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The custom-built Abobo's Big Adventure arcade cabinet made an appearance at SC3 on March 5th 2011.

Check out these pics and videos or Abobo will punch an orphan:
Wheeling in the broken-down (for traveling) cabinet pieces.
Roger surveys the cabinet. Hmmm, what's missing?
A dust-free cabinet is a happy cabinet!
Rog prepares the drill for... drilling!
Nick and Rog: posers in word and deed.
The assembled cabinet in all its rage-filled goodness.
Wow, abobo fits right in among these guys!
Game intro is looking good on the assembled cabinet.
Why does Abobo have balloons strapped to his back!??
All kinds of NES characters hang out outside the Pro Wrestling building.
The Double Dragon beatemup level continues to please crowds.
A look at the other cabinets in attendance.
Another angle on the arcade cabinets.
More classic arcade machines.
Even more retro goodness.
Players flock to classic arcades.
Laser beams helped complete the ambiance... except when they shot you directly in the eye.
Electronic glows bathe faces.
These arcades were set up in an ART GALLERY!
8-bit weapon performs chiptune music to complete the setting.
Turkey Shoot blows real turkey feathers in your face while you play.
The Atari Quantum vector game where you collect atomic particles!
Sundance - an asian vector game where you open hatches to consume (or blow up) flying asterisks.
No collection is complete without TRON.
A real Chiller cabinet... banned in many arcades for its adult content!
A rare 4 player Warlords table-top cabinet.
Four-player Warlords was a crowd favorite.
Besides Abobo, Journey was the best game in the joint.
Tables of classic consoles... and really old TV sets!
A view from what I call "The Observatory."
Another shot of the console tables.
You can see everything from up here!
Trading tables upstairs in the observatory had some rare collector's items.
Radio Shack's Robie Junior. You can control it by remote or it can hunt you down with its sensors.
Many minis!
Chatbot records your voice, then lets you remote control him over to a friend to deliver your message.
Roger shows a crowd how it's done.
A brave soul takes the Balloon Fight challenge.
The Abobo champion: only guy to beat the whole game from start to finish.
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