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"ur lil flash game on ur page doesnt work well i cant use the directional
buttons ...only to run ...bug already guys?"
-- bdonintheplacetobe
"Any control bugs are related to either your version of flash or the browser
you're using. We recommend updating your flash player and trying the game in a
different browser. It works fine for millions of other people, so good luck
getting your issues sorted out on your end."
-- Nick
"Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee release the V1.5 thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkssssssssssssssssss"
-- gamesmame@hotmail.co
-- Meth
""I can't express the amazing of this title!"
-DragonCRAZY365 "
-- DragonCRAZY365
"It was a great article!!!! I didn't know about this until I read it. Keep up
the good work!!!! "
-- Terry
"Please,help me unlock the last four medals...please..."
-- Kunio ZX
"This game is amazing. In an age of video gaming that is indulgent to the teen
crowd, this is a game that will have the old school cheering and the new school
scratching their heads.....and playing anyway. Blown away! Thank you for the
-- Tiger Robocop!!
"Nick, someone was complaining about a lack of Bombaerman in the Zelda level.
What exactly was he talking about?"
-- Anon
"My Medals Points:1915/2000 Получил: 1)Duck Hunted. 3)Private
Party. 5)Another Castle. 6)Sneaky. Осталось
получить: 2)Headbanger. 4)Thriller. 7)Double Trouble. Помогите пожалуйста
получить 2)Headbanger,4)Thriller,7)Double Trouble... А то мой мозг уже НИЧЕГО
не сооброжает..."
-- Kunio ZX
"My Medals Points:1965/2000 Получил: 1)Duck Hunted. 3)Private
Party. 5)Another Castle. 6)Sneaky. 4)Thriller. Осталось
получить: 2)Headbanger. 7)Double Trouble. Помогите пожалуйста получить
2)Headbanger,7)Double Trouble... А то мой мозг уже НИЧЕГО не сооброжает..."
-- Kunio ZX
"Congrats on 3 mil downloads. Only played through a few levels but wanted to
comment on how awesome game is. Great spread in Game Informer. Keep em comin!"
-- James
"When is gonna be on the phones "
-- sonny
"Man, I randomly decided to visit newgrounds again after not having been there
for years. Being a huge fan of the double dragon series, I just wanted to see
what this game was about. And I loved it. I loved everything about it. I think
there were maybe two or three games referenced that I had not seen or played
before. I thank you for creating this game. Wholeheartedly"
-- Michel
"I'm so glad Game Informer had an article on this great game. Without it, I may
have never known it existed! This game is Amazing! It is the perfect game for
all of us old farts out there! I'm 30 myself, so I was lucky enough to have had
a NES when it came out. Thank you guys so much for this much needed trip down
memory lane!!"
-- EvilEntity81
"juego culiao y la conchetumare weon la puta que te pario esta la pichula es
juego re salchicha (y) "
-- Kida BLade
"This game is really fun, may I make a recommendation? can one of the devs
translate the game into a working format that's readable by a NES emulator? I
will love you long time if you do that :)"
-- Eden
"I played this today on Newgrounds. Pretty crazy fun right here. :D"
-- ExGiygas
"the project is dead??? freeze in 1.4??? we are like the V1.5!! waithing!!!!!!"
-- gamesmame@hotmail.co
"are there gonna be a rom version for dwnload?"
-- petar
"Loved it.. Aside from the Megaman level. It was almost as annoying as the old
Megaman games."
-- Dave
"Dudes.... the arcade machines was sooo good, but I have a question, did you copy
the flash game into other protocol in order to give the arcade machine all the
power and memory or.... just put a computer inside the machine?"
-- Dark-Scarecrow
"Even though this game is still kind of.. new-ish, the creators should create
ANOTHER spin-off or a sequel but with a different story starring both Aboboy and
-- Cuizonix
"Embarrassed to say I waited so long to actually play the game. Game Informer has
actually mentioned you more then once. Most recently in December issue in the
retro city Rampage review. They said to play Abobo's instead! "
-- BornAProphet
"Pretty sure this game has been in the making for over a decade. The idiots that
are buggin about "Glitches and Bugs already" should really read more about the
-- bornaprophet@hotmail
"Any news on the standalone version of the game?"
-- Anon the 3154th
"Thanks for the comments. I don't know what's up with the Mac problems... newer
Mac OSs may not be compatible with the old export of the game."
-- Nick
"Hi there"
-- Testing Hi
"The swiming controls are very annoying. Fix that shit. "
-- fucxel
"abobo big adventure 2 super nintendo"
-- Percura
"I want to Abobo mobile"
-- Filipe
"I used to read a great deal of books but now I surf the internet looking for
really good blogs like this one to read. this was a good read thanks!"
-- DonyAlielibly
"Great! I looked over my junk and I found the magazine inwhich Abobo was! It's
-- Anonymous
-- angrl
-- Ivan
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-- fypbxkXA
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-- fjeyfzLU
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-- carpitijw
"how about a faq in this web. q1) why did you choose abobo? q2)when are you
adding new stages? q3) how about a 2 player mode? q4) why not add some
bombermen in the zelda stage? i will repeat... "
-- beeto45
"abobo is co0ll"
-- jony
"Hi, i'm new here, love this fangame and i'm so hyped for the next version, and
just signed up for the beta test club :D"
-- John Souza
"This game is amazing and thank you guys for making it, your the best!!!!
Definitely a labor of love as they say, and definitely a just tribute to the
-- Nick
"This game SHOCKED me!! It totally took me back when I was a 9-10yrs old. I felt
the same euphoria it was incredible. I honestly had to force myself to put the
pc controller down. The creativity of the sound effects and the other characters
from nes games of old was a blast. Please keep up the good work. I made sure I
-- Jason aka Jnice
"This is also where I'm in agreement with the majority of cardiologists and the
-- veganfon
"Could you make an android port? This game is awesome :) Thanks"
-- Ploggy
"okey go for it :D"
-- lol
"very nice tribute to the NES console you for working on and give us a smile :) "
-- emmanuelXD
"very nice tribute to the NES console"
-- emmanuelXD
-- juan
-- Chavez
"Hey! first of all I like this game so much i played it like 100 times! second
Why not make another secuel to this game? like Abobo's gigant advendture i kown
i kown is hard to make a game but why not make another free secuel in 16-bits
and making a tribute to the Super nintendo!"
-- Omega z-model
"abobo movil please"
-- sebas
"this game is fucking
-- fred fucking game
"Possibly the best game I have ever played, 100% in my top 10 of all time. Im 33
so this was amazing in every sense. Game play, bringing back old memories of my
youth, overall presentation, etc etc.... Well done and congratulations on
making this masterpiece."
-- Ian O
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the spriters-resource it's can Find the Missing Sprites"
-- 20XX
"Shooter Gavin His Real Name is Machine Gun Willy. someing Missing Sprites. go
to the spriters-resource. it's can Find the Missing Sprites!"
-- 20XX
"Shooter Gavin His Real Name is Machine Gun Willy. Big Mac was Giga Mac in
Punch-Out WII and SSB4 for 3DS,Wii U! someing Missing Sprites. go to the
spriters-resource. it's can Find the Missing Sprites! New Version in
2016! Super Mario Maker Spritse too. Good luck! Abobo smash! Satoru Iwata
1959 - 2015."
-- New ABOBO Version
"Get Megaman 9 and 10 Sprites the 8bit Missing Megaman sprites."
-- New Version abobo
"Mega bobo Was Bad Box Art Megaman From Megaman 10. Full rage is Megaman's Final
Smash From SSB4 for 3DS,Wii U!"
-- New Version abobo
"What are Flying Alien From SNES Use Megaman his Robot Dog Rush. Rush Jet can
Fly. Go Fight Abobo!"
-- New Version abobo
"Mac, dodge his punch then counter-punch!"
-- Doc
"My Medals Points: 2000/2000 Use the Megaman's Final Smash!"
-- New Version abobo
"abobo big adventure 2 ?? :)"
-- GarySensei
"This is the BEST tribute that could EVER have been invented! A+ I grew up in
the 80s and had NES at 6 yrs old. I would be very qualified for my opinion.
Congrats. Awesome AWESOME JOB GUYS! Fantastic "
-- Mag
"Why not make a physical release on current gen consoles. Id buy in a heartbeat!"
-- Mike G
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"Hello. And Bye."
-- MichaelPib
"It has been five years since I started to play this masterpiece... ...and I
ain't stopping anytime soon! Do you have any new projects in the
oven??? Cheers!"
-- daniel Lehwing
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