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The custom-built Abobo's Big Adventure arcade cabinet
was in the I-Mockery booth at the San-Diego Comic-Con 2011.

Check out these pics to briefly delay Abobo's anger:
Victory! Abobo cabinet set up amidst booth boxes.
Some last-minute paint touch-ups to fix the dings from shipping and setup.
Oh Comic-con, what beautiful aisles you have!
This guy and his brother were serious NES-fanatics. They continuously called out even the most obscure character references in the game while playing.
April O'Neil (and Kitana) live on the scene to cover the breaking story of Abobo's awesomeness.
Silent Hill Pyramid Head approves of Abobo and creeps us out.
Playing Abobo's Big Adventure makes mustaches sprout on even the youngest boys (and girls).
Abobo masks made everyone look more attractive.
Marty McFly tried to show some kids the game, but all they said was, "You have to use your hands?! That's like a baby's game!"
Pretty good crowd gathering.
Jill Valentine poses seductively in front of the cabinet. Nerdy gamers continue to play.
Dr. Strange's powers are useless against Abobo's might
Abobo's rage move shot out of the screen and zombified this guy.
Cheery grins of "WTF is happening here?!" spread across these players' faces.
A leprechaun appeared to test his luck against Abobo's rage.
A female Captain America... we shall dub her 'Miss America.'
So proud to be playing this game he started growing back his facial hair as soon as he touched the controls.
Looking good on the level select screen... waiting to surprise the next players.
Oh yeah, i-mockery.com had a booth next to Abobo's cabinet.
The Burger King 'King' creeped out booth visitors.
Hey! No cameras or flash photography!
Boy of many hats... played so much we had to kick him off so others could have a turn.
This guy said "Abobo Rocks" and I believed him.
Roger entertains a crowd of rabid Abobo fans.
Abobo... fun for all ages!
Face-off of epic proportions... who will end up the ultimate Abobo Champ?
This is an appropriate outfit for playing Abobo's Big Adventure.
Undies-clad superman... he really enjoyed the game... and posing for pictures.
Abobo ressurrected Michael Jackson. True story.
Red Dragon approved.
OMG! Abobo killed Kenny!
Scarecrow enjoys some downtime.
Skeletor tattoo of amazingness. You know this guy found the right game to play at Comic-Con.
Angry robots with pistols fit right in with Abobo's Big Adventure.
Poison Ivy endorses Abobo whole-heartedly.
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